Archives view and tools

From the side menu, access to the View archives and tools section to change the display of resources, access to QL Boxes, Projects and Archives that other users have shared with you, manage the Short URLs created or to select the Storage Clouds for the type of QL Box File.

How to change the view of the archives in Addplus
Library view

The Library View is the default view of Add plus. It consists of an orderly and handy display of resources in which each QL Box (represented by a folder) is positioned within its own project. Each project (represented by a label) can contain innumerable QL Boxes inside and is placed inside its archive. Each archive can contain innumerable Projects inside.

Addplus resource library view
List View

The list view allows a simplified display of resources. Each archive once clicked will show all the projects within it. Similarly the projects will show QL Box. The list view can be the only one in use for versions that can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones.

List view of Addplus resources
Shared with me

Within this section you will find all the archives, projects and QL Boxes that other Add plus users have shared with you. Here are the links to see how to share an Archive, Project and a QL Box. (INSERIRE LINK)

Archives, projects and QR codes shared in Addplus
Short URL management

You will find the list of all shortened URLs. To shorten a URL of a QL Box go to the dedicated Short URL page. (INSERIRE LINK)

Archives, projects and QR codes shared in Addplus
Storage cloud

Selecting a Cloud user will be necessary when you want to upload a file in the type of QL Box File. You have several types of Cloud accounts that you can connect to.

How to choose a Cloud in Addplus

How it works:

  • 1. Enter the username (email) of the Cloud account;
  • 2. Press the button + ;
  • 3. If you have not already done so, log in to your account and allow Add plus to access to your Cloud;
  • 4. After allowing access to the Cloud, Add plus will create a folder with the name AddPlus;
  • 5. At this point Add plus and your Cloud are connected. Every time you upload a file from your PC it will go to the AddPlus folder of your Cloud and connect to QR Code.

It should be noted that even if it is possible to enter with different accounts, the file will only be uploaded to the selected Cloud account, therefore it is advisable to enter only one type of account to avoid setting mistakes.
In case you want to remove an uploaded file, the remove button, in addition to remove the QL Box link will delete the file from the Cloud AddPlus folder in order to keep the folder tidy with only the linked files.

Attention. If you enter another Google Drive, or Dropbox, or … user after uploading a file, the QL Box for the File type will generate an mistake (and the file in this case will not be removed from the Cloud). This is because the file was uploaded on the account you have now replaced. To solve the problem it will be enough to modify the QL Box by reloading the file in the new account.

Video tutorial