Document management

Welcome to the Add plus simplified document management guide. With this guide you will get the most out of our service and will guide you to manage your archives with the help of QR codes, from their creation to use for labeling.
But what is a simplified document management and what is a QR Code?
Document management is today linked to applications that perform operations, especially mass, on documents to catalog them for the purpose of their preservation and recovery at the time of their use. The current system bases the concept of management on complex processes almost always connected to the logic of conservation according to the law, therefore regardless of contextualities closer to the daily making of the professional world and the small business. Add plus stems from the practical and daily needs of these worlds by simplifying the operational processes of document management and storage with the help of commonly read and commonly used QR codes. A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional “bar” code, therefore a matrix, composed of black or colored modules arranged within a white or different color scheme with respect to the first; it is square in shape and can contain more information than a classic bar code. This “fast response” code, born in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave Inc. to track car parts in Toyota factories, allows a lot of information to be conveyed with a simple optical reading.
In fact, it is enough to frame the QR with the camera of a smartphone, or other enabled device, using now widespread apps. The QR Codes that the Add plus application generates are of the multi-dynamic mode, according to the innovative process developed here for the proposal of an effective document management.
This means that you can always change the types of content, even after some time, and even view them at the same time. In fact, the classic static QRs that, once set, only allowed to always address the same type of information (a link, a vcard, a text, etc.) could not be changed.
To better manage the documentary resources Add plus is structured to read 3 display levels linked to each other: Archives, Projects and QR. Each archive contains at least one project, while each project has at least one QR. We have created the innovative Library View which is composed of shelves (Archives), on which shelves (projects) are placed with folders (to represent the QR) inside. This allows a visualization of the resources more familiar to the office environment, guaranteeing an immediate and contextual consultation of the three levels.

Note. However, resource management remains unchanged by opting for the List View to which you can access from Menu > List View.