Professional Web Page

Creating a professional web page (landing page) to promote your business through document management is very simple thanks to the Add plus multi-dynamic QR code.
How it works:

  • 1. Create a dynamic QR Code and select as Webpage type;
  • 2. Enter QR Code title;
  • 3. On the right, in Edit landing page, enter:
    • Header, a name that will appear in the header (if you leave it empty the title of the QR Code will appear);
    • Header color, the color of the text inside the header;
    • Header background, the header background color;
    • Background, the page background color;
    • Header logo, the logo that will appear in the header;
  • 4. Once concluded these basic settings use the editor to insert your contents. You have many available options that will allow you to better custom design your page. In addition, through the source code (View> Source code) you can insert custom designed templates. For learning more about the models visit this page;
  • 5. Customize the QR Code style;
  • 6. At the end click save. To see the result, click on View or on the preview of the QR Code.