QL Box Management

Inside the QL Box that reminds you to be the third level of the library you can insert all your digital contents. To manage a QL Box you have 4 types of content to manage in dynamic mode so you can always change them:

  • Webpage, a web page that you can custom design by inserting text, images, links and much more;
  • Url, address the QL Box to a URL entered by you;
  • Vcard, for an electronic business card;
  • File, attaching files by uploading them directly on the or from your cloud.

Use the new Add plus mode to simultaneously view all 4 types of the dynamic: the Multi-dynamic. But you can go even further activating the Plus and Q options:

  • Plus, to have all types of QL Box repeatable without limits;
  • Q, to connect all the QL Box you want to an only one QL Box.

Note. Remember that to create a QL Box you must first set up an Archive and a Project.