Create dynamic QL Box

Note. Remember that to create a QL Box you must first set up an Archive and a Project.

1 Create a dynamic QL Box when:
  • – You have just created a Project: at the top right, click New QL Box add.
    How to create a dynamic qr code in Addplus
  • – You have an existing Project: on the menu vertical of Project menu click New QL Box .
    How to create a dynamic qr code from a library view in Addplus
2 Select the type
How to select the dynamic qr code type

Enter QL Box title, choose the type between Web page, Url, Vcard, File and enter the data.

3 Password
How to put a password to a dynamic qr code

Decide whether to enter a password to QL Box for protecting your resources.

4 Edit landing page
How to edit a landing page of a dynamic qr code

On the right, in edit landing page check the features that QL Box landing page must have (only for Webpage and File).

5 Customize QR Code
How to customize a dynamic qr code by inserting a logo

Custom design your QR by choosing colors, dimensions, a text to be inserted on the sides or an icon in the center. At the end click Save.

Video tutorial