Create multi-dynamic QL Box
1 Create a multi dynamic QL Box when:
  • – You have just created a Project: at the top right, click New QL Box add.
    How to create a multi-dynamic qr code in Addplus
  • – You have an existing Project: on the vertical Project menu click New QL Box .
    How to create a multi-dynamic qr code from a library view in Addplus
2 Select the Multi dynamic mode
How to select the multi-dynamic qr code mode

Enter QL Box title and select the multi-dynamic mode from the drop-down menu.

3 Options Plus and Q
How to activate the options Plus and Q of addplus

Decide whether to use the Plus and Q options (only for Pro Q plans).

4 Enter titles to the types
Insert titles to the types of multi-dynamic qr code

Enter the title to QL Box types (Web page, Url, Vcard and File) you want to use, remembering to save after each entry (also using the Enter key on the keyboard).

5 Enable / disable types
Enable or disable the multi-dynamic qr code types

Disable the types you don’t want to use and save after each change.

6 Password
How to put a password to a multi-dynamic qr code

For the selected types, enter the data and decide whether to enter a password.

7 Edit landing page
How to edit a landing page of a multi-dynamic qr code

Below, on Landing page, check the characteristics (colors, texts, logo) that the landing page of the QL Box must have.

8 Edit Button

In Buttons customize the shape and colors of the buttons on the landing page that will activate the selected types.

9 Customize Link Title and Notes
How to customize the label of a landing page in addplus

Customize the link of the selected type by changing the color or inserting an icon. You can also insert a text below the link.

10 Change Buttons Order

Change the display of the landing page buttons between horizontal and vertical (on mobile devices the only view is the vertical one). You can also change the order by dragging the button labels with a drag and drop.

11 Customize QR Code
How to customize a multi-dynamic qr code by inserting a logo

On the right, in Style, customize your QR Code associated with the landing page by choosing the colors, the dimensions, a text to be inserted on the sides or an icon in the center. When finished press Save.

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